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Unfortunately it is all to easy for a computer to become infected with a type of virus or other unwanted information gathering malware. A virus infection can be immediately obvious but at other times we can see virus & spyware installations slowing a computer down over a period of time until the computer becomes virtually unworkable. If a computer is connected to the internet without the proper protection in place it is not a case of "will the computer become infected?" but instead "when will the computer become infected?

A.N Computer Services Ltd offer a range of solutions to prevent your systems becoming infected & the expertise to remove any existing hidden virus, malware & spyware installations from already infected machines.

Using today's internet for business without the right kind of internet security in place can be disastrous to your companies well being. Any virus can in time cause the loss of very important data and sensitive company information can be easily compromised. We can advise of & supply the right kind of internet security for your company.

In addition we carry out “spring clean” tests for your computer, where we search for and destroy any viruses, spyware or malware that may have gone undetected and be damaging or slowing down your system performance.
As well as advising your company of the best practices in order to avoid virus and malware infection we can also set-up for you a new backup system that will regularly make a copy of all your important data so that in the event of an infection it can be cured with a relative minimum of fuss and disruption. Once a computer has become infected with a virus the most important issue is the safe retrieval of all important data and software. Malicious software installations left undetected can eventually result in a permanent loss of data.

At A.N Computers it is always our aim to restore a computer in its entirety & to be working as good as it was if not better prior to the infection.

A.N don’t Just rely on our software to remove viruses and spyware installations. We use a hands on process that allows us to perform a deep clean & the removal of a virus or malware installation in its entirety.

As a part of our repair procedure we create a copy of your existing infected hard drive allowing us to store and protect your important data before we begin the process of removing the virus or malware from your actual hard drive.

- Deepest clean virus removal

- Deletion of spyware

- Removal of Trojans / worms

- Rescue of software

- Retrieval of corrupted data

- Data recovery

- Effective anti virus, malware   and spyware solutions

- Setup of backup systems to   keep your most important   data safe

- Preventative inspections   that do not allow viruses or   spyware to slowdown or   affect your systems   performance.

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